"With one or two logs it's enough to keep it hot. I don't have to keep blowing." 

"My daughter got very sick in her lungs. When I took her to the doctor I was told she could no longer cook with the open fire because of the smoke."

"I thank God for all the people that made this project possible because it is beneficial for me and my family."


Chapina Bonita smoke-free stoves have been installed in many villages throughout Guatemala.

Help Our Cause

Each beneficiary family contributes half the cost for their stove and donations support the rest. Donations are made through the Hudson Daybreak Rotary Club's Chapina Bonita Smoke-Free Stove Project. 

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


Improving Lives


Acute infection of the lower respiratory tract is the leading cause of infant mortality  and exacerbated by open fire cooking. The Chapina Bonita stove greatly reduces the amount of dangerous smoke in homes improving the lives of indigineous Guatemalans.  

Environmental Protection


There is a silent ecological crisis in Guatemala because so much wood is harvested for local needs, but only about half that amount can be regrown each year. The Chapina Bonita stove reduces wood use by up to 80%. 

Economic Indepedence


By reducing wood needed for cooking, indigenous Guatemalan families have more money for other necessities. Also, Chapina Bonita stoves are locally-sourced and manufactured, helping support the local economy.

Watch Ranyee Chiang's charming and forceful TEDx Talk about the 3 billion people - half the world's population -  who still cook on wood, charcoal and other types of unsafe stoves. 



Through an innovative partnership with the Department of Public & Community Health Education at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse,  college students travel to Guatemala and install smoke-free stoves in homes and schools and study the many  benefits of the Chapina Bonita Smoke-Free Stove.


Hudson Daybreak Rotary Club’s Chapina Bonita Stove Project

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